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Brands: A Guide to Job Status and Timers
Brands: A Guide to Job Status and Timers

Understanding the timer associated with different job statuses ensures a smooth and successful collaboration between Creators and Brands.

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1. Pending Purchase or Shipping the Product: The Countdown Begins πŸ•’

For Reimbursement jobs, when it is in the "Pending Purchase" status, the Creator embarks on the journey to acquire the necessary product. A crucial 48-hour window is provided to make the purchase and input the marketplace's order number.

⚠️ Important: Failure to complete this step results in automatic cancellation, emphasizing the importance of timely actions.

For Shipped-by-me jobs, when it is in the "Requiring Delivery" status, it's time to get that product on its way. You have a 3-day window to ship it out and share the shipping info.

⚠️ Important: Failure to complete this step results in a late status, you and the Creator will be able to cancel the job or continue with the next steps once there's a chance.

2. Product Sent: Anticipate the Excitement! πŸ“¦

Once your product is on its way, enjoy the anticipation with a relaxed 8-day window. This period allows leeway for unforeseen delays. If the job reaches a late status due to expired time, both the creator and the client retain the option to cancel. However, resuming the collaboration is encouraged, fostering a cooperative spirit even in the face of delays.

3. Content Creation: Crafting the Visual Narrative 🎨

Upon the creator's confirmation of product receipt, the clock starts ticking for content creation:

  • Images: A concise 5-day period for crafting Image content.

  • Videos: A more extended 10-day timeframe for Video content.

It's all about adapting to the complexity of the creative vision.

4. Under Review: Attention to Detail Matters πŸ”

After the creative magic happens, our Support Team diligently reviews the submissions to ensure adherence to basic guidelines. This meticulous process can take up to 24 business hours, emphasizing the commitment to maintaining quality standards.

5. Content Ready: Your Decision Matters βœ…βŒ

Brands have a 5-day window to approve or reject the submitted content. Quick decisions matter because, if the job timer runs out, consider it automatically approved. This mechanism secures the Creator's earnings and highlights the importance of snappy decisions in the final stages.

6. Completed: Success Achieved! 🌟

The grand finale arrives with the "Completed" status. At this point, the content has been approved, and the transaction is finalized. A moment of celebration for both, Creators and Brands, as they witness the successful fruition of their collaboration. Cheers to making things happen! πŸ₯³

⭐ By understanding and respecting these timers, Creators and Brands can navigate the workflow seamlessly, ensuring a successful and mutually beneficial collaboration.

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