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JoinBrands Updates 1.06
JoinBrands Updates 1.06

Check out our newest updates for you!

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Before you only had the option of creating Images and Videos campaigns, so you can download the content and use it as you wish, now you can create these campaigns so creators post their content directly in their TikTok account! 🀩


Previously, you could only download your invoices one by one, which caused you to take too much time on finishing your task, currently, the development team has implemented this feature. Now you can download your invoices in bulk directly on your Billing section by clicking on the Get statement button located at the bottom of your page.


Now you can pick a date from the past and a second date to review transactions from some specific rank of time. Also, you would be able to filter these transactions for a more accessible and quick review by selecting the payment method you need and downloading the invoice you need to obtain. 🀩


Note: The refunded invoices will not be available for download.

Our team has created this new feature that you can add to your campaigns, this new feature can be used to generate content for an app, website, memberships, etc. You can find this new tool once you create a new product.


Here a new menu will be displayed showing you this tool! πŸ˜ƒ

Level 3 Campaigns

Now you can select Level 3 Creators on your campaigns! These are experienced creators with a minimum average rating over the last year of ⭐4.5 or higher.


Other updates βš™οΈ

Applicants email digest

Before, you used to receive an email for each creator that has applied for your campaigns. Now you will receive 1 email every 24 hrs with the applicants you receive for your Manual approval campaigns.

This will save you a lot of time in finding your creator! 🀩

Filter for TikTok campaigns

When you have created your TikTok campaigns and you have multiple applicants, you can now filter them by the number of follows and average views that they have on their TikTok account!

Refund explanation

Previously, when you cancel a job, there were no clear instructions on how the refund will be processed, now each job status has its own explanation! This will give you a better understanding of the moment you cancel a job for your creators.

Play TikTok content

When your creators have posted their content successfully in TikTok, you can reproduce the content directly in JoinBrands without the need of leaving your JoinBrands page!


Infinite scrolling

Now your Manual and TikTok campaigns have infinite scrolling, which will show you all the creators on the same page, saving you time at the moment of looking for creators!

Renamed sections

Once your campaign has been created the sections for Creators have been changed to Jobs and the section for Applicants is now named Creator!

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