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Brand: TikTok Campaigns and jobs
Brand: TikTok Campaigns and jobs

Learn how your Tiktok campaigns will work!

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Once you have completed your campaign creation until the point where you need to select the type of content you want, you will now see the TikTok logo in the Content-type section.


📓 Note: When you select the TikTok option, you will be able to see some examples of what content you can expect with this option.

After that, you will have three new sections that you need to be filled in:

Let's review these sections together.


Here you will add a brief description of what you would like to see on your TikTok video, such as hands, faces, locations, etc.


📓 Note: Keep in mind that you must be very specific with your description since creators will base their whole work on this! 😉


In this section, you can add any type of captions that you would like to see on the TikTok video that will be created for you.


📓 Note: Remember that these captions will be based on your product, also, don't worry if you do not have one this section is optional!


This section is for you to add any TikTok link where you have a previous video showing what you would like to see. This can give your creators an idea of what you are looking for!


📓 Note: You can add up to 5 TikTok links. Keep in mind that this is an optional section!

Now that you have passed these three sections, let's move to the next one which is the creators' filters. Here you will be able to choose the age, gender, and ethnicity of the creators that you are looking for!


📓 Note: Remember that not all creators have a registered TikTok account with us, which means that, depending on the filters that you have selected, the number of creators with a TikTok account will be displayed in the right-top corner of your screen.

⚠️Important: The minimum campaign budget (shown on the right side of your screen) is $100 per creator, however, this amount depends on the average views of the creator and the cost of your product.

Once everything is set, your campaign summary will be displayed to you. Here you will have a brief explanation of everything regarding your TikTok campaign, as well as, adding as many jobs as you wish! Once your campaign is set as you want, hit the Next button.

After selecting your payment method, your campaign will be sent to review by our team within the next 24 business hours!

Once your campaign has been approved, you will have to manually approve the creators you want for this campaign.

⚠️Important: You can filter the creator by Average views or followers so you can select the ones that fit your TikTok video.


🌟 Pro-tip: When you hover over a Creator's name you'll see a preview of their information.


When the content has been picked, the creators have two days to post their video on the TikTok account. Once they have posted it, they will provide the direct link that takes you to their post.


Now that this information that been provided, the remaining time for the post will be displayed for you. Keep in mind that the post will have to stay on their account for 7 days after they have posted their amazing content!

Once this time-lapse has been completed, the job will be marked as completed in your campaign and you will be able to download the content!

No more reading... you got this! 🎉

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