Manual Approval

Select your creator's manually so you can get the content as you want it!

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How does it work?

When you are creating your campaign, you will have two options to approve creators:

These two ways to options can make a big difference when you request content from creators.

Auto approval

By selecting this approval option, you do not need to worry about collecting creators since everyone can take the job and you will receive a great variety of content! 🤩

Manual approval

This feature allows you to approve or deny the Creators that applied to your job, this way, you will have more control over which Creators fit better to generate content for your products.


💡 Tip: Approve multiple creators at the same time.! Keep in mind that the creators that take the jobs first, will be the ones that will start generating your content!

⚠️ Important: Once you have approved Creators and they take your job, you will stop receiving applications.


🌟 Pro-tip: When you hover over a Creator's name you'll see a preview of their information.

🎉 Enough reading… Start getting the best UGC content!

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