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Creator: Getting started guide
Creator: Getting started guide

Just joined? We will guide you on getting started as a JoinBrands Creator!

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Are you ready to start in the exciting UGC world? Here's what you need to know:

Table of Contents

Learn the basics

JoinBrands is a platform that connects Creators like you with great Brands that wants your awesome content!

Here's a quick guide for you to understand how JoinBrands will help you on your Creator journey:

  1. See jobs available on the Marketplace.

  2. Purchase or receive the product and start generating your awesome content.

  3. Upload your amazing content to the platform for the brand to review it!

Signing up is free! Join now, and start working with tons of brands, generating content for their fantastic products!

Creating your creator account

  • You can sign up to JoinBrands with the following methods:

  1. Email + Password

  2. Google Account

  3. Facebook

  4. Apple ID

Set your Creator information, and add your favorite selfie, this is the first impression that Brands will have about you!


You are one step closer to generating awesome UGC content!

How to navigate the Dashboard

Navigating and using your Dashboard is a piece of cake. You'll easily find your main tools:

  • Dashboard: Review your Creator's information, level, certifications, active jobs, and total earnings.

  • Marketplace: Here you will see all the jobs available so you can apply once you're certified.

  • My Jobs: In this section, you will be provided with information about your jobs, product, content type, and job information.

  • Job status: You can see all the jobs that you have completed, if you have been approved for a job, as well as your closed and canceled jobs.

  • Resolution Center: A history of your conversations with Brands.

  • Notifications: See all your received notifications and mark them as read.

  • Account: Display the options to redirect you and update or change your information.



The Marketplace section is available for you at any time. Here you will see all the jobs available for you to apply to, so you can generate content with these awesome products!


⚠️ Important: Before you can start applying for jobs, you must be certified in each type of content, this way you'll be ready to start taking jobs for that specific content!

Getting certified

Creators must be certified in each type of content, this way you'll be ready to start applying for awesome jobs!


⚠️ Important: You only need to get certified once for each type of content. Use your best content with products you own, love, and use in your daily life! 😉

Applying to your first job

Applying for jobs has never been easier! You just need to head over to your Marketplace and click the job that interests you. Make sure to read all the Job Details before you apply for the job!


🌟 Pro tip: your chances to be chosen by Brands are higher if you apply for many tasks! So go for them! 🤩
Don't be discouraged by pending applications! Usually, Brands choose Creators within 1-2 business days after they set the job live. 😉

Taking your first job

Once you have been pre-approved for a job, go directly to your Approved tab on your app when you receive a notification/email! Hurry up and take the job once you've been approved!


⚠️ Important: On this tab, you'll be able to see the jobs that you can take if they're still available. 😉

Job types

There are 3 different types of jobs you can get in JoinBrands!

Each job it's different, let us guide you so you don't get lost on your way! 😃

Resolution center - Chat with brands

Get in contact with the brands that you are working with to create your amazing content.

You have two ways to contact brands which are your Resolution Center and Chat section.

Chat section

When working with a brand, you will find a section on the Job details named Chat. Here you can get in contact with the brand directly.


In this section, you can check all conversations that you have started with brands This will save you a lot of time! 🤩


Note: If you see a green dot next to the brand's icon, it means that they are online right now.

Getting your product

There are two ways you can receive the product, each is based on the type of job that you can choose here at JoinBrands.


In this job, you will purchase the product, here you will be reporting all the steps that you have done in the Job Details.

Shipped by brand

In this job, the product will be sent by the brand and you must report your progress on the Job Details of each of your jobs. keep in mind that the brand will provide the shipping information as well.

Generating your content

There are many amazing ways to create your content, you can use these amazing tips that we provide for you!

  • Good lighting

  • Not blurred content

  • Good audio in your videos

  • Good content quality


Learn more about this by clicking here! 😃

Extra content

Creating extra content is an amazing opportunity for you to make more money!


Once your first content has been purchased, as long as the job is in progress or completed, you can keep uploading more images/videos to your job. This will give the brands more options to select from. 🤑

Creators levels

We have 3 levels of creators at JoinBrands! The more awesome content you create, the higher the chances of increasing your level!

Learn more about your creator's level!

After applying for a job, brands most likely will check your Portfolio! Keep it updated with your greatest content so you can increase your chances of being selected for that job!

This section will display all the feedback that brands have provided to you at the moment they have purchased your content.


Refer your friends and get a bonus with our Affiliate Program! You have several options to earn this money!


Remember that the more that you refer the more that you earn! 🤑

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