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Tips and tricks for creators
Tips and tricks for creators

In this article, we will show you some tips and tricks to improve your UGC content.

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When creating your content, there are some things that you need to have in mind. We will share with you some tips and tricks that will help you become a great UGC creator.

Illumination 💡

Always take into consideration the lighting that you have available, as this can make an incredible difference in your content.

JoinBrands- Good lighting

Blurred content

Your images/videos can get easily blurred, and this effect can be caused by many things such as bad lighting, equipment not being cleaned, the product being too close to your camera, etc.

JoinBrands- Brurred content

Know your product

When shooting a video about a product, we strongly recommend you to get to know your product first, and check all the information that you will need for your video. This can avoid time loss by recording failed videos.

Cropped content

When you start working as a UGC creator, brands will look for content where the product and yourself can be clearly seen. Keep that in mind when creating your amazing content!

JoinBrands- Cropped content

Good audio

When recording a video where your voice, make sure that you have your recording equipment in the best conditions. If necessary, run a test to check that everything is working correctly, and avoid external sounds!

Like your own content

Most of the time we suggest creators check their content before is submitted, when you like your creation you'll know it's ready!

⚠️ Remember that all these tips are for you to improve your UGC content, these tricks can help you be the best UGC creator! 🤩

🎉 Enough talking... Let's create the best content ever!

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