Your Campaign Description is one of the most important steps when you are creating your campaign. For this reason, we strongly recommend writing it as detailed as you can.

However, if you have some technical feedback for the Creators on how to use the product, or, if they are missing some important bullet points you have mentioned in your job details, you can always reach out to the Creator and let them know about this through the chat section of each job!

Keep in mind that, if you want something else added or removed from your content, it should have been previously specified within the Campaign description. Creators are not obligated to comply with new requests, however, they must always follow the bullet points stated on the job details.

โš ๏ธ Important: You do have an option available for you, in case your creator did not complete the requirements that you have specified in the description of your campaign. This feature has been labeled as a Reject button, which allows you to reject all the content that your creator has uploaded previously.

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