Nailing your Description

These are the guidelines that the Creator will see about your job, and what they are going to follow the moment they generate the content.

To ensure that the content is just what you want, add details such as:

  • What type of lighting do you want to see

  • In which background should the content be made

  • What angles do you want for your content

  • In which position do you want to see your product

When you create your Campaign in the “Content and Creators” section, there is a box where you could write text no longer than 1200 characters. Use this space so you can write down your job details.


🌟 Pro tip: Use the text editor to highlight important aspects of your description or anything that you wish. Simply double-click whatever you need to edit and the text editor will appear. You also add bulleted and numbered lists to your description.

Continue with the steps to finish creating your job, and you will be all set for the campaign.

Wait! Did you forget to add something very important to the description? Don’t worry, you can always edit anything you'd like to your description before you complete your Campaign.


If your Campaign was Rejected due to the description, you will need to Duplicate your campaign, it will give you the same information as your last campaign, and you will be able to modify whatever you like.

🎉 Enough reading… Start getting the best UGC content!

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