By creating blast campaigns you will be able to get bulk packages and get lots of jobs within one campaign.

At the moment you can set up two different types of blast campaigns:

  • TikTok Blast

  • Selfie Blast

Just as with the usual campaigns for these types of content, you need to add the settings about description, content format, special requirements, etc.

Blast campaigns - JoinBrands

⚠️ Important: Blast Campaigns will be available for all the creators on the platform, you can't select the parameters like gender, age, and ethnicity.

Once you have set up your campaign settings you need to pick a package according to the number of posts or jobs that you would like to get. The best part is that the higher amount of posts you will get more discount. πŸ’Έ

Once you are done with the requirements, you can review all your information on your Campaign Summary.

Price - JoinBrands

⚠️ Important: Upon creating the campaign, the full amount of the expected total budget will be charged. Upsells and Tips will be charged to your Credit Card at the moment of the purchase.

πŸ“” Note: If a Creator cancels a job, the refund will go directly to your Campaign Wallet until another Creator takes it.

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