Once you are done creating your campaign you will have the option to send a direct invite to the available creators! 🤩


You'll be redirected to the marketplace for that campaign. Here you'll see all available creators that match your campaign requirements.

You can also, head to your campaign and click on the Invite Creators button to access the marketplace.

You can start by sorting out the creators with the different options available, from last seen online or even by level. You get to select the best option!


When hovering over a creator you'll see the options to Invite that creator or Hide them if you think that is not the best fit for your campaign.


⚠️ Important: If you hide a creator they won't be able to see this specific campaign but will be able to see your future campaigns.

You can also click on the 3 dots on the right side for additional options such as See portfolio, Hide, or even block forever.


⚠️ Important: If you block forever a creator they won't be able to see any of your campaigns.

If you click on the Creator's profile picture or name, a sidebar with their general information will be displayed, and you will have access to their portfolio.


🎉Enough reading... You've got this!

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