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Learn the Basics

JoinBrands is a platform that connects Brands like yours with real people who create authentic content!

Here's a quick guide for you to understand how JoinBrands will help you retrieve that genuine content:

  1. You create a Campaign on JoinBrands.

  2. Our Creators will pick the jobs available and will receive the product to generate the content.

  3. Select the content you want to purchase and download it!

Signing up is free, join and start getting real content from real people.

Creating your Brand account

  • You can sign up to JoinBrands with the following methods:

    1. Email + Password

    2. Google Account

    3. Facebook

    4. Apple


    Set your Company details, and add your Brand logo and information.

You are one step closer to getting UGC content!

How to navigate the Dashboard

Navigating and using your Dashboard is a piece of cake. You'll easily find your main tools:

  • Dashboard¹: Get a summary of your Campaigns, active, paused, pending approval, disapproved, and a quick button to create a campaign.

  • Campaigns²: Review the progress of your Campaigns.

  • Products³: Review the progress of your Products.

  • Content: Review the content that you have previously purchased.

  • Resolution Center⁵: A history of your conversations with Creators.

  • Notifications⁶: See all your received notifications and mark them as read.

  • Account⁷: display the options to redirect you and update or change your information.

  • My images: Review the pictures that you have purchased.

  • My videos: Review the videos that you have purchased.

  • To-do's¹⁰: Check the next steps for each job that has been claimed within your campaigns!

  • Active campaigns¹¹: Check all your active campaigns.

  • Extra content¹²: Review the extra content that creators have uploaded for you!


Creating your first Campaign

Creating your First Campaign will be really easy. Click on the "Create campaign" button and get started!


First, you need to click on the "Add a new product" button.


Here you will have two options which you can choose from, these options are adding a Digital product and a Physical product. 😃

A new window will pop up and all you need to do is fill in the details for the product you want content!



  1. Your Product Photo should match the one displayed on the marketplace.

  2. Your Product Price must be exactly the same as the marketplace.

  3. The External Product Link should redirect to the product on the marketplace.

Next, assign your Campaign name, this will help you have a better organization.


The next step is called Campaign Details, where you can review your recently added product, select the acquisition option, and the prices for the shipping and taxes.


In this section, you must select the Delivery Options. In other words, how you prefer to deliver your product to the Creator.

Learn more about these options right here.


Now you must select the "Content Type" and "Certification Type" you want to get. Underneath each category you will see some examples of the content you will be getting:





TikTok Post:

  • Request videos to be displayed on the influencer's TikTok account. Check all details here


If you have selected a video for your content, you will need to select the duration of the video in the next step


Choose the right Content Format, for your image or video. You should keep in mind that various aspect ratios are required on different platforms and this would play an important part in your ads!


1:1 (Photo only)

A perfect square. Most commonly used and found on Social Media images/videos such as Instagram and Facebook.


Full portrait, vertical image, or video. Used for all the Social Media within "Stories", including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat.


Horizontal rectangle shape or landscape. This is the best option for Youtube or Amazon videos.

Now that you have selected all technical aspects, make sure to set a proper Content Description.


Pro Tip: Adding a detailed description of placement, angles, background, and lighting, showcasing your product will ensure that you receive the content just as you expect it!

Next, you must use our filter system that will allow you to narrow the Creators which you would like your job to be displayed for.


⚠️ Important: Content generated by Level 1 Creators will be reviewed by our team within the next 24 business hours before you receive it for approval. Content from Level 2 and 3 Creators will be automatically shared with you.

Select the type of approval that best fits your needs, you have two options Manual approval or Automatic approval.


The last step is to check your Campaign Summary, where you can check all the details of your product and adjust them if needed. Keep in mind that you will NOT get charged the full amount upfront.


Important: Make sure to check the number of creators you want for your campaign. You can adjust the number in the Summary section.

Once everything is set, click on the Next button to proceed with the payment details. If everything is done, our team will review your new campaign within the next business day! 🎉

Creators' Job

Our Creators will pick the job available for them according to their characteristics!

You'll see the Creator directly on your Campaign Details.


Resolution Center

On the Resolution Center, you will find your conversations with Creators, and if you see a green dot next to their profile picture, it means that they are currently online.


If you need to reach out to the Creator about an issue, you can start a conversation with them, to let them know about the situation.

Sending your product to the Creator

When creating your Campaign, you must select the Product Acquisition Options you prefer to deliver your product to the creator.

  • Reimbursement

  • Delivered by me

If you select the Reimbursement method, you can set the Shipping Cost as well as the Taxes if you want to cover the out-of-pocket expense for the Creator.


When selecting Delivered by me, once the Creator has picked your job, they will confirm the mailing address and you'll be able to see their information for you to enter the Tracking number and the Shipping carrier.


Important: Based on the Tracking Code you enter, the system will provide you with a list of shipping carriers. If none of those is your selected shipping carrier, select the option Other and enter the name manually.

Picking the Content you want to purchase

Once the Creators have received your product they have 5 to 10 days to generate the content depending on the Content-Type you set for your campaign. Our team will make sure the content meets your requirements.

Once the generated content is on your end, you will have up to 5 days to accept the content you want to purchase.


Important: You can purchase more than 1 piece of content! Upsells will be available if you want to pick more than one picture/video.

Rejecting content

When creators provide their content, you have the ability to decline the content. By doing this, you will be able to provide feedback to the creator so they can improve their work according to your requirements. Find this new feature on the job details of each creator that has uploaded content for your product! 😄


Note: Keep in mind that this button must be used when you did not like any of the content that your creator has sent since this will decline all the content that is shown on your screen. Additionally, this button can only be used once in each job. 😊

Download your Content!

Now let's get our hands on that awesome Content! 🤩


Download your pictures and videos and use them to enhance your Brand!

🎉 That was a lot of reading... You got this!

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