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How long does it take for my Campaign to get approved?
How long does it take for my Campaign to get approved?

We know that you can’t wait to submit your first Campaign and start getting that great content for your Brand!

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Campaign Approval

Once you complete your first Campaign, our team will review it for approval to make sure everything is correctly set. 🤓


⚠️ Important: The approval process could take a maximum of 24 business hours.

Campaign Disapproved

If your Campaign gets disapproved, you can find it in your campaign section, here you will look for the declined unit.

Once you have found this section, you can resubmit it and edit the settings for a new submission. 😃


The following are the main reasons why your campaign could be disapproved:

  • The price does not match the marketplace.

  • The URL provided does not lead directly to the product.

  • The product image is not the same as the one in the marketplace.

  • The product description is not detailed enough.

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