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Creators: How much can I earn?
Creators: How much can I earn?

The answer is simple. As much as you want! There are tons of deals on our platform waiting for you!

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Content earnings

For pictures, your first piece of content, which is chosen by the Brand, you can find jobs where you can get the free product + $5.00 and the other jobs will start from $5.00

For videos, your first piece of content, which is chosen by the Brand, will start from $60.00

For TikToks, you can either find awesome jobs where you can earn the free product + $5.00 or normal TikTok jobs start at $100 depending on your average views.


⚠️ Important: There's a 20% fee on all approved and paid-for content or earnings.

Do you want to earn more?
You can earn more with Upsells and Tips! Let's get to the details! πŸ‘‡

What are the Upsells?

Additionally, to your first paid-out content, you can earn more with Extra Content and Tips, these are "Upsells":

Extra Content is the content picked by the Company after their first purchase and its price will have a discount applied, therefore the content will be paid out according to the final amount purchased by the brand.

🌟 Pro tip: Submit extra content using different settings or positions to encourage the brands to purchase more than one photo or video depending on the job type! πŸ˜‰

What are Tips?

Brands have the option to tip right from the platform, after picking the content you created!

The best part is that you never have to worry about not being paid, since JoinBrands collects the funds from the Brand upfront!

⚠️ Important: Remember that the higher your level is, the higher your earnings will be! πŸ€‘

πŸŽ‰ Enough reading...You got this!

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