Select the Brand you want content for.

The brand you submitted when registering will be the one displayed in the first place.

  1. You can "Add a new brand" if you have multiple products!


Select the Product you want content for.

  1. Add or Select the product you want content for

    1. You will find two options:

      Physical product: A product that requires delivery of a full refund

      Digital product or online service: This type of job doesn’t require a delivery


    2. Set up all the information needed:


      • Image

      • Product name

      • Product price (as it's shown on your marketplace).

      • Industry

      • External product link

        ❗ Important: Digital products may or may not have a price stipulated.

    Name your Campaign.

    Select a friendly name for your campaign.


    🌟 Tip: Name your campaign according to what type of content you are looking for.

Product Information

Review your Product Information


📓 Note: You can edit your product if you need it!

Select the Product Delivery Options you prefer to deliver your product to the creator.

  1. If you select the Reimbursement method, you will need to set the Shipping Cost as well as the Taxes which the creator would cover.


    ⚠️ Important: It is required for you to cover the full refund for the product acquired, however, it is not mandatory for you to cover taxes and shipping costs for the Creator.

Content and Creators

You should select the Content-Type you want to get:



  • Lifestyle Shots

  • Selfie with Product

  • Product Demo

  • Product Only

If your content will be Images then you need to proceed with the format you want your content.

  • Any

  • Portrait

  • Landscape

  • Square


  • How-to Video

  • Unboxing Video

  • Product Review Video

  • Product Demo Video

If you would go with Videos, then you need to select the Video Duration you want

  • 15 seconds

  • 30 seconds

  • 60 seconds

Creators will shoot videos with your product and post them on their TikTok accounts.


Create a detailed description of the content and the ideas that you will like to see in the content delivered by the creator.


Select the creator level that you would like to work with you in this project.


Then, select the creator parameters like gender, age, and ethnicity.


Select the way your applicants are going to be approved for this campaign.


Select the number of creators that you would need for this campaign.


Once you finish with this process you will be able to see on the summary page all the information and data that you include for your campaign and edit if something needs to be changed.


You will also be able to review the final cost of your new campaign.

Campaign payment:

In the last step, select the payment method that works best for you.

📓 Note: Please keep in mind that you can also use funds that you have available in your wallet.

⚠️ Important: You will be charged per job individually, as soon as the creators accept the job!

🎉 That was a lot of reading... You got this!

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