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Ideas for leveraging User-Generated Content.
Ideas for leveraging User-Generated Content.

In this article, we will show you ideas for leveraging User-Generated Content.

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UGC is any content related to brands – images, videos, texts, reviews, etc. – created by shoppers/users rather than brands themselves.


How to get the most out of UGC.

1. Add videos and images to your Amazon and/or Shopify product listing.

You can add Visual UGC to your website, product pages, or product listing as secondary lifestyle images or videos.

  • This would help to improve trustworthiness by seeing real people loving your product.

  • Show people in real-life scenarios using/testing your product or service to inspire trust and credibility in your brand.

  • One of the main purposes of the UGC is to convey quality by obtaining real reviews for real people just like your buyers and possible shoppers!

2. Post UGC on social networks.

This is the easiest way to leverage UGC. If You sell on Amazon don’t forget about Amazon post.

  • Post images and videos on your social media mix, sharing them with your core audience has been proven as the #1 way to crate Social Engagement.

  • Connect directly with your customers and build trust for your brand.

  • Using UGC in your social media like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok offer relatable content to your audience.

  • Create desire around specific products or services.

3. Use UGC in your ads.

Customers are getting better and better at spotting and ignoring commercial video ads. UGC will help you, remember that people don't trust brands; they trust other people.

  • Pictures and videos created by UGC creators grab more attention from the audience than professional content, they are more authentic.

  • Unique content for scroll-stopping advertising on social media.

  • UGC videos will cost you a fraction of what a commercial video ad may cost.

  • Boost your engagement by using Youtube as a learning channel, this would help your customers get more information about your products.

4. Boost Promotions: Email Campaign

Let your UGC loose on emails! When customers see special offers, discounts, or the latest reviews featuring creators that look like them, you’ll see higher CTR engagement and more sales!

🎉 Start getting the best UGC content!

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