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What are the key benefits of User-Generated Content?
What are the key benefits of User-Generated Content?

Learn about the key benefits of User-Generated Content!

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Here are some of the most important advantages of using UGC!

  1. UGC is better at converting prospects into customers than professional images.

    User-generated content will boost your conversion rates and thus generate more sales for your business. Most shoppers believe that images and videos provided by other customers are more influential on their buying decisions than the professional content created by brands.

  2. Visual UGC is cost-effective.

    Professional images and videos require a lot of time and effort and will cost you thousands of dollars to produce. In contrast, content made by customers can cost you close to nothing, thus saving your money, time, and marketing resources. UGC can supplement branded visuals, and this combo works very well.

  3. UGC will boost your social media.

    Don’t know what to post for your brand on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Amazon Posts, etc.? Just collect UGC, and you will never run out of content. Moreover, people are more likely to engage and react to image and video posts created by other customers rather than by professional photographers.

  4. UGC will add credibility and authenticity to your brand.

    People trust other people more than they trust brands. Real customers showing your product in their pictures or videos make your brand more relevant and trustworthy to potential customers.

  5. UGC stands out.

    It’s getting more and more difficult to stand out from your competition. Shopify reported that UGC ads received 4x higher click-through rates than traditional ads. So, instead of increasing your advertising budget and investing in more professional content, simply add some UGC to your marketing strategy.

Start getting UGC! 🎉

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