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Creators: Job Marketplace

We've enhanced the Job Marketplace! Take a glimpse of the jobs available. 🌟

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What's new?

Visit the Marketplace, and you'll see the new information to check out the jobs you may be interested in!

Select the content type

Now you get to select the content type you would like to see in the Marketplace, this way you can easily filter the jobs you are most interested in!

Click on the "About" button to learn more about each content type.

Express Jobs

Remember the free product + $5.00 jobs? They're named Express Jobs and these jobs will help starter Creators to get their first jobs and generate content! 🀩

Are you interested to see more of these awesome jobs, click on the See All button! πŸ˜‰

πŸ’‘ Tip: You don't want to see these jobs? Toggle on the Hide Express Jobs option!

Jobs you might like

Now that you've selected the content type, check out the awesome jobs available!

On each job, you'll see some important information such as:

  • Content Type job

  • Product Picture

  • Brand Name

  • Product Name

  • Number of jobs available

  • Earn on content

  • Product Value

With this information, you have it all to take into consideration and make sure if you would like to apply to get this job! πŸ˜„

Enough reading... you've got it! πŸŽ‰

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