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Brand: Affiliate Program

Invite Brands or Creators. Earn referral commission.

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Head to your Affiliate program section and start inviting Brands or Creators to earn a referral commission! πŸ€‘

To participate in the affiliate program and earn extra money in JoinBrands, follow these steps:

  1. Send Invitations:

    Share your affiliate URL with brands or creators whom you think would be interested in joining JoinBrands. You can send them the link via email, or share it within your social media.

  2. Registration:

    When your referrals click on your affiliate URL, they will be directed to JoinBrands and prompted to register using your referral link. Make sure they complete the registration process using your link to ensure you receive the referral credit.

    1. The active sign-up for Brands is to successfully complete one campaign.

    2. The active sign-up for Creators is to complete one job.

  3. Earn 20% Commission:

    Once your referrals have registered and started using JoinBrands' services, you will earn a 20% commission from service fees we receive from your Brand referrals for 1 year!

  4. Commission Payout:

    The commission you earn will be added to your wallet 60 days after JoinBrands receives the payment from your referral. This waiting period allows for any necessary processing and verification.

  5. Withdrawal:

    To withdraw the money you've earned, go to your Wallet. Click the "Withdraw" button and you will be sent your payout.

Enough reading, you've got this! πŸ˜‰

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