Creators can generate a lot of content so you can have different options!

Let's start with the images that you can select from:

  • Selfie with product

  • Product demo

  • Lifestyle

  • Product only

These 4 types of content are unique and will help you become an amazing content creator!

Selfie with product

You can identify this type of content very easily since this is basically a selfie that Creators take with the product, just like a normal selfie! 🀩

Product demo

In this type of content, Creators must demonstrate the use of the product that they are creating content for.


With this type of content, Creators have to use the product and look as natural as possible, they can take pictures without looking at the camera.

Product only

This content is super easy! Creators need to shoot at the product itself, and make sure that it has a nice background and light. These are important facts to get amazing content!

Content Type

Let us show you the video content type.

  • Product demo video

  • How-to video

  • Product review video

  • Unboxing video

Video content is very similar to picture content, but there are some small differences. Let us show you:

Product demo video

This content is very similar to its picture counterpart, however, Creators will make a video demonstrating how the product works while they are using it.

How-to video

When a job requires this type of content, Creators must do a video of how to use a product. Here they will provide details, step-by-step, of how you use the product that they are showcasing.

Product review video

This is a simple video where Creators will give their review of the product that they will be working with.

Unboxing video

Creators can do a unboxing video content here at JoinBrands by opening a product that they just received and giving a good opinion of the product in their video!

Now that you know how to identify all types of content, you are ready to get it! 🀩

Enough reading... you got this! πŸŽ‰

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