If a payment fails to process and there is one or multiple campaigns active on your account, a notification will appear on your To-do list in the Dashboard.

โš ๏ธ Important: Keep in mind that the charge for the campaign is made at the very moment that a creator takes the job.

This situation may happen for a number of reasons, including that your Credit Card has expired or that there are not sufficient funds in it. Therefore, all the campaigns using that card will be paused until the issue is fixed.

Update your Payment Method

To update the payment method, simply click on the notification from your Dashboard, and on the next screen, you will see the Credit Card that has the payment issue. Simply click the button that reads Add Credit Card and you will be able to update your payment method.

Now that the issue with your Credit Card has been solved, all that is left is to unpause your campaign by going into your Campaign details and clicking on the button Unpause campaign.

โš ๏ธ Important: You will need to manually unpause all the campaigns that were registered with the previous payment method.

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