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Creators Tips & Tricks: Improving your audio quality with your equipment
Creators Tips & Tricks: Improving your audio quality with your equipment

Use your equipment to nail your videos with the best audio!

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Sometimes, knowing your equipment to the last detail can be difficult to nail, but it's very important that you do so, but don't worry, we have the best tips for you!

Making audio tests 🎢

When creating your content, it is super important that you make one or several tests with your audio. Remember that this is a big hit in your videos, and making an audio test can save you a lot of time before you record and create your content.

Airplane mode ✈️

Now that you are a UGC creator, you have to consider that your audios have to be perfect for your videos, therefore, if you are recording your content with your phone, an amazing tip is to activate the Airplane mode. With this, you can avoid sounds from messages and calls in your content! 🀩

Check your surroundings 😯

An important point for when you create your content is to check out your surroundings. By doing this you will be able to see the possible things that can cause background noises in your content!

Voice over πŸ—£

There can be times when your surroundings are not on your side. Making a Voice-over in your videos can save your content since you can record your video and then create your voice-over in a quiet place. This can be added to your videos with a simple edition.

Now that you have these tips, let us show you some tricks! πŸ˜ƒ

Quiet place 🀫

An excellent trick is to locate a quiet place where there are no background noises that can interfere with your audio.

Using microphone 🎀

Investing in a microphone can take your content to another level! This will improve significantly your audio and make your videos way better!

Speak up and enunciate clearly 😎

When doing a review for a product or simply explaining how to use a product, it is important to speak clearly and have a good tone of voice. This will make your videos sound awesome for brands!

Enough reading... add this information to your content! πŸŽ‰

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