You can access your notifications by clicking on your profile icon located in the top-right corner of your screen and selecting the option Billing!


Here you can review the following information:

In this section, you will see all the transactions for the jobs that have been taken by your creators, this includes completed jobs as well as refunded jobs.

The information shown is the following:

  1. Date

  2. Description

  3. Payment method

  4. Total

  5. PDF

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This section will display the date when the transaction for the job was applied.


In this section, job ID and type are shown for you to identify them.

Note: Transactions for upsells and tips are also displayed in this section.

Payment method

The payment method that you used for this job will be shown here. Keep in mind that, if you have used a Credit Card to complete your campaign, the last four digits will be shown as well!


The total money spent on each job.


Once a job has been paid, an invoice can be downloaded in PDF format and available at any time!


Note: All refunded jobs do not have an invoice due to the fact that they were not charged to you! πŸ˜‰

Get statement button

You have the option to download all your invoices in bulk under one statement with this button.


🌟 Pro-tip: You can use our billing calendar to search for specific movements that you wish to find on a given date. Simply add the start and end date that you desire and let our system do the job!


Note: You can also use the payment method filter to search for your transactions! 🀩

This section lets you add your business billing information, including your name, business address, and Tax ID.


Remember that you can add your information worldwide! 😱

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