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How do I get my TikTok Spark Ads Code?
How do I get my TikTok Spark Ads Code?

Don't be overwhelmed, we got your back with this guide!

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What are the TikTok Spark Ads?

TikTok Spark Ads basically lets brands amplify their own organic content but also promote published organic UGC by adding their link to it. It helps drive more eyes and engagement during brand discovery. For a quick reference, this is similar to boosting posts on Facebook and Instagram but with the ability to use influencer feed posts.

On the Creator's side, allowing brands to use your content for spark ads, will amplify the video’s reach for even more exposure.

Here are all of the steps to get it, directly from TikTok:

  1. Select the video from which you want to generate the code, click the three dots below the “Comment” button, and select "Ad Settings".


    ⚠️ Important note: You may need to scroll right to find this option

  2. Inside this section, first, you need to toggle on the option that reads "Ads settings", after that, a prompt will appear so you can select the timeframe this ad will be available. It is important as you must select the 365 days option for your Spark Code:


    ⚠️ Important note: If this is the first time you're doing this, a message that reads "Turn on ad settings" will appear. Simply select the option "Turn on" and after that hit the "Save" button and that's it.

  3. Once everything is set, simply click on the "Manage" button on the "Video code" section, and select the option "Copy Code" from the prompt.


  4. Once you have the code, simply paste it into your JoinBrands job and you're good to go!

    🎉 Enough reading... get your TikTok Spark Ads today!

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