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JoinBrands Updates 1.05
JoinBrands Updates 1.05

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Now you can refer to other brands with a link that is provided to you, each brand that signs up with your link will make you earn $30.00 USD! πŸ€‘

Referal Program JoinBrands

Note: You can go to this section on the right top corner of your screen!

Add more jobs to campaigns

Previously, once your campaign was online, you had to wait until all jobs were claimed or end your campaign to add more jobs for creators.

Well, now you can add more jobs to your online campaigns, this way you can get more content from creators without pausing/ending your campaigns! 🀩

Contact creators

Before, getting in contact with your creators was complicated since this option was not easy to find. Now you can get in contact with your creators by going to the Job Details in each job, here you will find a section named Chat, here you will be able to get in contact with your creator.

Chat section JoinBrands

Add credit to your wallet through Wire Transfers

Transfer money into your account to pay for your content directly from your wallet balance. Find this feature in your Wallet section.

Note: Make sure to choose Charge wallet first to use your funds. πŸ˜ƒ

Other updates βš™οΈ

Change payment method

When you purchase extra content that a creator has uploaded for your product, you have the option to change your payment method.

Content available

Review the content that has been uploaded for each of your products, this can be checked in your Product section. Keep in mind that here the content and extra content will be shown!

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