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How does content approval work?
How does content approval work?

Here, you'll know how the content approval process works!

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There are some filters the content must follow before it gets the approval of the brand. When a creator submits the content, first is reviewed by our team to make sure it follows the requested guidelines given. πŸ˜ƒ

Once the content is reviewed by our team, you'll receive an email, as well as, a notification on your Dashboard to review and approve the content.


πŸ““ Note: Remember that these notifications are only shown on a desktop. In case you missed your notification, you can click the bell icon on the top right hand of your screen to check it.

To find the content that needs to be approved, you need to be in the campaign where the content was uploaded. After that, take a look at the Jobs section, there you will see the creators that have uploaded content.


⚠️ Important: Identify the creators that uploaded content with the button named Pick content! 🀩

Once clicking on the creator that uploaded content, you'll have several options, click on the one that says Content to review the creators' submissions for that specific campaign.


After the content is purchased by you, it can be downloaded and used as you wish!

Enough information, go get some content! πŸŽ‰

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