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JoinBrands Updates 1.03
JoinBrands Updates 1.03

In this article you will see the improvements in the JoinBrands update 1.0.3

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To-Do list

Previously, you had to search for each Creator to see what was the next step in their process of creating content. Currently, we have implemented a new list that will show you what is the next step for each Creator and Campaign. 🀩

Find this new list in your Dashboard section!

Dashboard To-Do list

Campaign's Cost Breakdown tab

With this new feature, you can see the expected total budget, broken down for your Campaigns like total price, price per job, platform fees, etc., including additional expenses such as the extra content purchased.

You can find this on the Campaign details of each of your Campaigns.

Campaign details Cost Breakdown

Cloning campaign

Before, once you duplicate/resubmitted a campaign, not all the criteria were displayed on your new campaign such as age, ethnicity, creator approval, etc. Now all this information is displayed just like in your previous campaign. 🀩

JoinBrands - Same criteria

Reject content

When creators provide their content, now you have the ability to decline the content. By doing this, you will be able to provide feedback to the creator so they can improve their work according to your requirements. Find this new feature on the job details of each creator that has uploaded content for your product! πŸ˜„

Note: Keep in mind that this button must be used when you did not like any content that your creator has sent to you, this will decline all the content that is shown on your screen. Also, this button can only be used once in each job. 😊


Other updates

Chat notifications: Receive notifications and emails for messages sent from your Creators. These messages are seen on our resolution center.

However, you must have the following points in mind:

  • You will only receive one notification with all the messages sent within 30 minutes. This notification will be sent to you only if you are offline.

  • You will be notified on your account as well as on your email.

  • If you see one message, you will not be notified about that specific message.

  • You cannot mute/archive your chat notifications.

Dashboard redesign: On the dashboard, you will only find your ACTIVE Campaigns and the to-do list. Your completed campaigns will be under the "Campaigns" tab.

Manual approval: Previously when you created a campaign, by default the Auto approval was selected. This has been changed and now you have the Manual approval selected by default.

Conversation with creators: Before when you wanted to have a conversation with a creator, you used to look for the button named "Have an issue?" this has been updated and you can now find it as "Chat with creator".

Click on content: Right now you have a faster way to access your purchased content for a specific product, you can find this in the Products section of your account.



Pagination issue

We have updated our pagination system to solve an issue within the Delivery section of your Campaigns at the moment of moving forward/backward between pages.

Payment failed

Our development team has implemented a new notification that will be displayed if your payment for a Campaign has failed, showing you the reason why your payment couldn't be processed on the top of your screen.

Payment method

Previously, you could only add US billing information. Now the system allows you to enter other countries besides the US.

Campaign error message

When you create your campaign and a space is left empty, a message will be shown in red directly on the space that you did not fill.

Canceled status

When a job is canceled on a campaign that has the Manual approval mode selected the canceled status will be shown on the bottom right corner of the creator's profile picture. β›”

Request feature

We have added a new section on your account where you can submit to us a feature that you would like to see in the upcoming updates. You can find this on the right top corner of your screen where your profile picture is located at. Look for the section named Request a feature. 🀩

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