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JoinBrands Update 1.02
JoinBrands Update 1.02

In this article you will see the improvements in the JoinBrands Update 1.0.2

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Manual approval

Previously, when you created a campaign, you only had the option for Creators to pick your job and start generating your content, now Creators will pick your job and you have the option to approve each application manually, also, you will be able to check if they're already in progress since a new notification has been added on the creator image!


New filters

We have added two more filters to the campaign creation process, where you can select the Age of your creators as well as the Ethnicity.


Other updates:

Chat with creator

With this new feature, you'll be able to have a conversation with the Creator that picked your job at any time. You can find this on the job details for each creator!


Campaign summary sidebar

The campaign summary has been implemented on the right-sidebar when you have completed your campaign and jobs have been taken.


Click on the link to find your content

Now you can access all the content that has been created for you directly on your dashboard, by clicking on "My Images/My videos".


Notifications system on mobile

We have updated our notifications system for your mobile device! Now you will receive the correct notification with different styling according to the type of notification.

Note: You will only receive your notifications when you are inside our website on your mobile device.

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