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JoinBrands Updates 1.01
JoinBrands Updates 1.01

In this article you will see the improvements in the JoinBrands Update 1.0.1

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This filter is now available! Use these new criteria to match the perfect Creator for your content at the moment you create your Campaign.


Download all of your purchased content in one place, and check all of the Extra Content that Creators have delivered.


Now you can quickly access your Products catalog and make edits or launch new campaigns directly from there.


Extra content

Creator's extra content is now available at the bottom of your Dashboard.


⚙️General Improvements

  • We've included a new "Campaigns" tab so you can see all of your Campaigns in one place and filter them as needed.

  • Dashboard Job Cards now display the next actions to do, such as Pick content, sending products, etc.

  • Inside each job's details, there is a new "Content" tab where you will find all the content from the Creators that participated in that job.

  • Added Brand and Campaign settings information to the Campaign summary.

  • Video reproduction is working properly.

  • Payment method details for the billing history have been added.

  • There is no resubmit button on the declined tab on your Campaigns.

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