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How to navigate the Dashboard?

Learn all your tools located in your Dashboard!

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Navigating and using your Dashboard is a piece of cake. 🍰 Here you will have access to a lot of stuff that can make your navigation way easier, such as new content, extra content, your purchased content, campaigns, etc!

Review the progress of your current and previous campaigns, by checking all your active, paused, completed, pending approval, and declined campaigns.


🌟 Pro-tip: By checking your previous campaigns, you can always run an A/B test and check the progress of your products!

Review all the products that you have uploaded to your account. Here you will be able to check all the content that has been purchased, this includes extra content as well! Also, create a campaign directly from that product, or add a new product!


πŸ““ Note: Remember that you can always use our filter system to find a specific product or have a better organization of your products!

Review the content that you have previously purchased as well as check the extra content that creators have uploaded for your products!


πŸ““ Note: The filter system can be used to only select the type of content that you wish to review!

With this feature, you won't miss a step. Check the next steps for each job that has been claimed within your campaigns!


Review the content that you have purchased previously.


Review the extra content that creators have uploaded for you once you have purchased content from their jobs! πŸ˜ƒ


Check all your active campaigns, here you will see all the information that you have set for each campaign at the moment you created them such as applicants, number of jobs available, type of job, etc.


πŸ““ Note: The applicants will be only displayed if your campaign is manual approval.

A history of your conversations with Creators.

See all your received notifications and mark them as read.

Display the options to redirect you and update or change your information.


That was a lot of information... Let's create more jobs now! πŸŽ‰

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