Referring a friend

Follow these steps and earn more money with our Referral Program! πŸ€‘

On your Dashboard just click on the "Refer a friend & earn $5+" button on the right top-right corner of your screen.


You'll see the different options that you can use to refer a friend:

  • Sharing a direct link.

  • Inviting your friends on Facebook.

  • Inviting your friends on Twitter.

  • Invite your friends with an email.


Once you've referred someone, you'll see the list of referral friends when you scroll down, as well as the money that you have earned for each referred friend. πŸ’°


To learn more about how our referral program works, simply check the last section at the bottom of your screen. πŸ€“


Don't keep us a secret, share JoinBrands with anyone you know who likes to take photos and make money!

πŸŽ‰ Enough reading... Let's not waste any more time and start earning money!

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