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Brand - How do Creators get my product?
Brand - How do Creators get my product?
Make sure your creators get your product so you can get that awesome content.
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Let us explain how the Creator will get the product.

At the moment that you are creating the campaign, we offer two options to choose from to send the product to the Creators:

  • Reimbursement

By choosing this option, the Creator will be asked to purchase your product from the marketplace directly. After that, the Creator will receive a refund for the amount paid.

If this option is chosen, we will ask you to enter the shipping cost and taxes for the product.


Important information: As a Brand, it is required for you to cover the full refund for the product acquired, however, it is not mandatory for you to cover taxes and shipping costs for the Creator.

  • Delivered by me

By choosing this option, you are required to take care of everything related to the shipping process. In other words, you have to send, and make sure that the product is safely delivered to the Creator.


By choosing this option, you can upload your products that are not physical such as apps, websites, memberships, etc. This type of campaign makes the job easier for the creators and you since there is no waiting time of getting a product, and they can create the content ASAP! 🀩


πŸŽ‰ Start getting the best UGC content!

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