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What Content Format should I choose?
What Content Format should I choose?

Don't be concerned about deciding which Content Format is the best for you. Let us explain a little bit more about each one.

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We currently have three options of Content-Format to choose from:

Portrait (9:16)

This model is normally used for tall videos on social media platforms and in content like:

  • Instagram and Facebook stories.

  • Instagram reels and IGTV.

  • TikTok videos.

  • LinkedIn posts.

Landscape (16:9)

This is better for desktop use. It is a wide rectangle, popularly considered and used as the international standard format for major online streaming platforms.

You can apply this Content Format for:

  • Facebook in-video ads

  • Twitter

  • Youtube

  • Amazon

  • LinkedIn

Square (1:1)

In this type of Content Format, the image will have the same dimensions (height and width) the normal use for this one is on social media platforms and is perfect for mobile screens.

Works for:

  • Facebook carousel ads

  • Instagram carousel and shop ads

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest


By selecting this option, you provide total freedom for the creator in regard to the content format. This way, you may receive content with different sizes and you can use them for different platforms.

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