Amazon videos as a visual demonstration of a listed product, can immeasurably improve the customer experience and sales conversions. Videos can have a gaping effect on the buyer because watching a video is the closest to physical interaction with the product compared to images or words.


Where to upload videos on Amazon?

Here are the proven places eligible where Amazon sellers can upload videos to their product listings:

How to upload a video to the Image Block of your product listing?

This feature is available to sellers who have been enrolled through Amazon Brand Registry.

  1. First, navigate to “Upload & Manage Videos”.

    Upload and manage videos

  2. Then, click “Upload Video”, find, and select your video file.


  3. Enter the video details such as the Title and ASIN, after that just click “Submit”.

    Amazon’s approval typically takes less than a day, but it might take up to seven business days or more during peak periods.

How to upload videos to the Related Videos block?

This block is called “Videos for this product”. Note that this section allows for up to 5 “Videos for this product” and it will also show 5 “Videos for related products”.

If your customers left video reviews, some of them will show up in this section. However, we recommend that you take ownership of this block and upload your own videos. This section is ideal for User-Generated Content!


Only 5 videos show in this section, but you can upload more videos as this content will show up on your competition listings under “Videos for related products”.

How to upload videos to Customer questions & answers?

This section is another great option to improve the appearance of your product listing and show off your product. A video is much better than words or images.

You can upload up to 3 videos that will show on the front page, and as many videos, as many questions, you have in total.

Customer questions answers

You must be logged in under your principal Amazon Seller account. Scroll down to the Customer questions & answers, click on any question that you have a video answer for, and simply follow the instructions.


This section is yet another great opportunity to upload UGC.

🎉 Use UGC for all these videos!

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