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Apply UGC to your Amazon business
How to Apply UGC to your Amazon business?
How to Apply UGC to your Amazon business?

In this article, we will show you how to apply UGC to your Amazon business.

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Placing UGC directly on product pages can improve conversions by up to 64%

What should you do with UGC when it comes to your Amazon business?

  • User Images in the product images section.

    Listings with better images convert better. But product images that include UGC will convert even better!

    Amazon lets you upload up to 9 images, but only 6 or 7 photos will show (it depends on whether a video takes one space or not).

    The Main Image is the master shot of your product.

    We recommend including one or two Infographic Images or images with detailed information about your product.

    After that, you should add a few Lifestyle Images. We highly recommend experimenting with cheaper and yet more authentic and trustworthy UGC.


Pro tip: if you have four slots for user-generated photos, it does not mean you can use only four pictures. You can combine multiple images in every place!

  • User Videos in the product images section.

    Most Amazon sellers add a promotional video to the Product Images section, you can upload multiple videos. You can upload both professional and user-generated videos to this section.

  • User Videos in the product videos section.

    Just below the Product Details section and above Customer Questions & Answers and Customer Reviews, Amazon has an area for other product videos. Often this section has videos taken from reviews of your customers, but you can also upload videos to this section, as long as they are unique and related to the product.

    You should upload at least 5 UGC videos in this section. If you don’t upload your own videos, Amazon will fill that section with the videos of competing products.

  • User Videos in customer questions & answers.

    You can answer customer questions with videos. Why not create some user-generated videos that answer particular questions and use them to answer the questions. Customers expect other customers to answer the questions, and this is a perfect opportunity to promote your product even further.

  • User Pictures and Videos in customer reviews.

    Caution, it is against Amazon TOS to ask anyone to post a review in exchange for compensation. But if your users buy your products and leave video or picture reviews because they love your product, it will boost your sales and conversions.

  • User Pictures in EBC (A+ Content).

    If you are brand-registered and have access to A+ Content, you can include an endless amount of different types of UGC directly to your EBC (A+ Content).

  • User Pictures in your Amazon Store.

    You can use UGC (both Pictures and Videos) when designing your Amazon Store.

  • UGC in Amazon Posts.

    Amazon Posts is a free service from Amazon and should be part of every brand’s marketing and advertising strategy. Amazon Posts appear on the competitive product pages, related product feed, category feed, and brand feed.

    Lifestyle photos from your users featuring your product are perfect content for these Instagram-like posts, and they are likely to attract potential customers’ attention and increase sales and exposure.


    Pro tip: You should post 2-3 images for every ASIN daily. Many advanced sellers use Amazon Posts as their daily marketing strategy.

  • UGC in Video Ads.

    UGC videos grab attention as they are more authentic and made by real people. People don’t trust brands; they trust other people. UGC videos will cost you a fraction of a commercial video ad and give much better results!


🎉 Now you are ready to dive in and improve your Amazon listings and conversions!

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