Video or picture resolution can be described as the number of pixels that can be displayed in any device in both dimensions (width×height), it has a direct impact on its quality and storage space.

Identifying the resolution in Android

  1. Open the Gallery app and choose your file.

  2. Open it and locate the Details tab.
    Important: The location of the information details tab in each android device varies according to OS.

  3. Selecting the details tab will give you information on the Resolution, File size, and Storage path of that particular file.

Identifying the resolution in Apple

  1. Open the Photos app and choose your file.

  2. Open it and locate the Image Information tab.

  3. Selecting the information tab will give you information on the Resolution, File size, and additional info of that particular file.

Image and video size adjustment

If your content does not have the resolution required, you can adjust it manually on your computer! Let us show you how to do it on your Apple and Windows computers! 😃


Simply open the image that you will edit and click on the ✏️ icon located on you in the right top corner of your screen.


After that, look for the Adjust size icon located on your image toolbar.


By opening this a small menu will be open, here you will be able to adjust the size of your images by pixels, inches, points, etc.


Now you know how to adjust your images on your computer! 😃


Get to know how to adjust the size of your images on your Windows computer, once you opened your image hit right-click on your mouse and look for the Resize option and click on it.


Now a menu will open with the options available for you! Look for the Define custom dimensions tap and click on it.


Now the last step is to define the size of your images and save the process!


Video size adjustment

There are cases where the size of your videos does not meet the requirements.

Don't worry we have the solution to this! 🤩

You can always use an adjustment website where you can do this process with no issue! Here is a site where you can do this, simply click here!

🎉 Enough talking... Let's start your process!

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