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Creators Tips & Tricks: Creating good content
Creators Tips & Tricks: Creating good content

Your Guide to Creating Awesome Stuff People Love!

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Creating good videos and pictures

As part of UGC content, videos must have a homemade feel. They aren’t sleek, professional productions, but rather real people providing honest commentary as they unveil something new.

Your pictures aren’t supposed to be professional photos, but they should be done with good lighting in a nice-looking space showcasing the product and the brand.

General Tips

Upgrade Your Equipment 📷

  • All you truly need is one quality camera or mobile phone to capture pictures or video content. A tripod is also useful since it can stabilize your camera and ensure better shots. Over time, you may want to invest in some specialized equipment, but don’t let that hold you back.

Use the Right Set-Up ✨

  • Make sure your space is clean and tidy before you begin. Position yourself in front of a simple background. If possible, have your background match your content theme.

Lighting is Crucial 💡

  • Lighting is critical in recording and will play a big role in the quality of your video. Find a room with adequate light and take a sample video or picture in the direction the product will be. Review and adjust as needed.

Tips for Creating a Video

Keep in Mind the Sound 🔉

  • Keep in mind that if you describe the product you’ll need a good microphone. You can start by using your smartphone near your voice to capture good audio. Microphones on smartphones and cameras can pick up quite a bit. Find a room or area that has the least amount of background noise possible. Distracting noises will only detract from the video and you, so be sure to pick a good spot. Carpet and drapes are your friends for absorbing sound around you.

Practice Speaking Slowly and Clearly 🗣️

  • Narration can make or break a video. You’ll likely find a need to speak more slowly than you do in everyday conversation. Enunciate clearly so that your viewers can understand your words. You may want to include captions or subtitles to make your videos more accessible and easier to follow.

Show the Product in Use 💯

  • You can take your videos a step further by showcasing and using your products. You can even make B-roll footage to visually show off using the product.

Don’t Use Music in Your Video ❌

  • As your content will be used by brands, you shouldn't play music in the background.

Use Effects for Transition 🎉

  • You can use effects to speed up the video in some processes or consider making some cuts. Don’t overdue your effects as it may get overwhelming for your viewers. You’ll likely also need access to video editing but can often find these tools for free or very low cost.

Tips for Creating a Picture

Winning Angles & Lighting 📸

  • If your camera isn’t set correctly, people won’t be engaged with your content, and the customer won’t be able to see you or your product very clearly.

Striking Placement & Framing ⭐

  • The key to making the perfect product picture is getting the right shots so your viewers engage with your content. Your goal is to give as much information as possible so your viewers are engaged with you and the product!

Show Them How It Works 💯

  • To generate great content with the product, you should let your viewers understand how the product works with a quick look. Get the right shots where you showcase the product and brand.

Don’t Use Filters ❌

  • As your pictures must be real to create a link with your viewers, you should not use any filters on your pictures so they know that real people use these products!

Enough reading... Let's start creating content! 🎉

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