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Photo Certifications – Category Product Demo Pictures

In this article you will learn about the Photo Certifications – Product Demo Pictures.

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What is a Product Demo Picture?

A Product Demo Picture shows a product in action so your audience will know how it actually works. These demos grab attention by showcasing the big benefits and value of the product!

As a creator, you’ll want to capture Product Demo Pictures as naturally as possible, while still highlighting how the product can be used.

Before you get started, make sure you refresh on the basics of how to create good content.

Best practices for earning your certificate:

Show the product in normal use

  • Keep it simple and show the product in a real-life situation where you would be using it. Think of the best shots to show how someone would actually use the product.

Make sure the logo is visible

  • The brand on the product must be properly shown. Otherwise, a brand can mix up the product with others that are similar.

Don’t use additional props

  • Ditch all other unnecessary props and never show other brands or logos in your photos.

Pick an appropriate place to shoot

  • For example: don’t demo a hairdryer from inside your car! Choose a sensible location that supports telling the audience how and where they would actually use the product.

Make sure it feels authentic

  • Keep your photos true to life. It should look like you just took a normal picture of a product you love using. Don’t add effects or filters. It shouldn’t look staged, fake or touched up.

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