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Photo Certifications – Category Lifestyle Shots

In this article you will learn about the Photo Certifications – Lifestyle Shots.

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What is a Lifestyle Shot?

Lifestyle Shots help people imagine the product as part of their lives. When you see that perfect dress on a summer day in the park, or wireless earbuds while someone is working out, you’re seeing a product as part of your life and it creates an emotional connection beyond how the product is used.

As a creator, you’ll want to capture Lifestyle Shots as naturally as possible, while still highlighting how the product fits into a daily life setting.

Before you get started, make sure you refresh on the basics of how to create good content.

Best practices for earning your certificate:

Don’t make it look “staged”

  • Feel free to create a mood or a vibe or add some artistry, but make sure your content still reads as authentic.

Show the product in use

  • Just like in a product demo picture, make sure it's clear how the product would be normally used in the scene or setting you are creating.

Be in the shot

  • Get into the scene to show how the product would look in real life. Remember that product must still remain the central focus of the content.

Don’t distract from the product

  • Again, the product takes center stage in these photos. Don’t overdo it on props, other wardrobe pieces, extra décor, or any other little touches that can be distracting.

Don’t include other logos or brand names

  • Never include other brands/logos in your photos. Brands don’t want to advertise for any other products than their own.

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