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Video Certifications – Category Product Demo Videos

In this article you will learn about the Video Certifications – Product Demo Videos.

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What is a Product Demo Video?

A Product Demo Video shows the product in action! Rather than walking the viewer through steps, you can really show off the brand and all the top features/benefits of the product.

As a creator, you’ll want to capture Product Demo Videos as naturally as possible, while still highlighting how the product features work to solve a problem.

Before you get started, make sure you refresh on the basics of how to create good content.

Best practices for earning your certificate:

Plan your demo video

  • Take the time to plan before jumping in to record your video. Think about the appropriate location, time of day, and any supporting props needed.

Describe the product

  • Provide a high-level introduction to what the product does, but keep it brief since your viewers are already interested.

Demonstrate how the product solves a problem

  • Make a point to call out all the solutions the product you are showcasing would provide to a potential customer.

Show how the product works

  • Remember not to go into too much detail – we don’t need to see every single step. Your video should be no longer than 45 sec to 1 min.

Provide the viewers with a clear call-to-action (CTA)

  • At the end of the video, provide a clear, specific next step for your viewers to take, such as “Buy now!”.

🎉 No more reading… You got this!

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